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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Brent & Molly Page (New Zealand)
    Cairns to Brisbane Roadtrip
    In September 2012 we rented an apollo 4WD from Cairns with Brisbane being the destination; however instead of a drive down the highways we headed out of the cities to the National Parks in the district.  The camper was great, the experience was fantastic, the roads were amazing, the wildlife incredible and the National Parks awesome.  Our only regret was not enough time!!!   read more
  • Melanie Moran (Australia)
    From Golden Sand to Red Dirt, WA here we come!
    For the 40 years I have graced the earth, I have loved travelling! This includes: Queensland holidays with my parents before I was 1, Navigating a 10 week campervan European Vacation with my parents and siblings when I was 13, 5 week road trip to Cairns at 15, Then I got my licence and met my husband! For nearly 21 years we have loved travelling around Australia and Asia by air and road. We have loved:3 week road trips around SA... read more
  • Allan O'Connor (Australia)
    For the love of Tassie
    I have visited Tasmania a few times with a variety of family members but would love to be able to all travel together in a Euro Deluxe. The farm gate and cellar door trails are amazing, scenery is stunning with Freycinet Peninsular and the wild west being just two of many notable ares. We fell in love with the majestic Huon Pine trees of the southern regions' rivers. The icing on the cake for an old woodworker such as me... read more
  • Keith Harkin (Australia)
    Headin' North
    Having been in our mortal coils for over 50 years each, my wife and myself decided to take a trip up though the “guts” of our native Australia. We travelled to Alice Springs via that great iron horse, the Ghan (sure beats spitting camels and a lot quicker!) and completed a somewhat whirlwind trip in a hire car to Uluru also taking in Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). We also undertook a 3 hour walk around Kings Canyon on the way back to Alice (oh, my aching feet). Fortunately, the... read more
  • Allan O'Connor (Australia)
    Apollo mission to Kangaroo Island
    My wife and I made a wise choice in renting an Apollo Euro Tourer to celebrate her landmark birthday on Kangaroo Island. It seems many other travellers on KI agreed with our choice as we regularly met up with others in Apollo motorhomes. Our humble steed introduced us to many fascinating natural beauty spots, connected us with some wonderful people and absolutely spoilt us with comfort in a range of weather conditions due to its total self sufficiency. Since the... read more
  • Tim Radder (Australia)
    My BLOG on Twitter
    During my recent trip to New Zealand and Australia, I kept in touch with family and friends through Twitter. Many of my "tweets" include a link to a map showing exactly where I was when I made my (almost) daily entries.My adventures "down under" were the fulfillment of a life long dream. It was an incredible journey and I only wish I was able to include more of the photos and video I took during my fantasic vacation, but I only got... read more
  • KatieKatie Hatfield (Australia)
    Five years ago my family and I had the great pleasure of holidaying in an apollo campervan. we went to the supper bikes at phillip island victoria, it was fantastic. we then enjoyed some time up the coast at the beach. we would love to enjoy a family trip in an apollo again. read more
  • Kylie Crawley (Australia)
    This big ole land of ours
    It is very easy to get stuck in the same old same old of everyday life, but every now and again the kids will bring home a project from school - aboriginal rock paintings of the outback, marine animals of the reef, 7 wonders of the world etc. When we start the research faze we always see new and exciting things that lead to conversations about how wonderful it would be to see that in real life, we forget what... read more
  • Lisa Annis (USA)
    Love Amongst the Cacti
    Sure there’s desert and cacti, but Arizona has many surprises, as I learnt when I embarked on a roadtrip of the state.   I’d been feeling flat, down, for months. That changed in the bizarre Phoenix landscape. The city is dry, brown with scrubby fields of the classic saguaro cactus, sporting crimson flowers when I was there in August. But Arizona’s capital is also ringed by funky hills, red and worn into tables, animals, statues – or so my imagination saw.   The... read more
  • Linda Moore (New Zealand)
    Linda & Craig's Big Adventure
    We're travelling for six months total, including four weeks in New Zealand, in a Hippie Camper van we've christened 'Violet', from Nov 29 - Dec 26 inclusive. This joint blog covers our whole trip but it should be easy to extract the entries for NZ, beginning Nov 29. Linda & Craig read more
  • Christine (Sosta) Knott (Australia)
    The wonders of Australia ....
    My husband Des and I have always said we'd love to take our children Mary, Peter and John on a family holiday and see a bit of the country we call home. So back in 2010, with our three children, a caravan and a map, we went on our holiday to see some of this great land.  It was only for a short time, but was filled with so many unforgettable sights and experiences. It has only confirmed to us the fact that Australia is such... read more
  • Penne Johnston (Australia)
    Sapphire Coast
    Day 1 - Travelling down from Canberra to the south coast along the Princes highway we stop at the Bega Cheese factory for some famous Bega cheese and refreshments. Merimbula is our next stop for some cooling off factor at Magic Mountain, relives the children's boredom. We see some whales along the way too. We stop and visit the Whale Museum at Eden. The children thought it was fascinating. Driving along the Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea and Bass Strait for breathtaking... read more
  • Allan O'Connor (Australia)
    South Australian Escape
    To celebrate my wife's significant birthday (don't ask) our Apollo Euro Tourer provided luxurious transport and accommodation for many adventures. Barossa Farmers' Markets was our produce supplier, just back up the motorhome and load up. Then to the Clare Valley and the delights of cycling the Riesling Trail amidst beautiful countryside dotted with vineyards. A brief stopover in Adelaide allowed for  a sojourn through refreshing parklands and magnificient architecture. Sealink provided our connection with the awesome natural beauty and tranquility... read more
  • Ramona Roden (Australia)
    What We Miss From Home?
    While on our travel adventure in Australia and experience new tastes, new aroma in the air, view new plants and animals I wonder will I be able to enjoy some small comforts of home. I enjoy raspberry jam. I have travelled before and it was impossible to find. I believe as I pack my items to begin my Australian adventure I will bring raspberry jam made in Canada. read more
  • Alicia Evans (Australia)
    Campervan Hire in Oz
    This is a link to an awesome website where you can hire a campervan to explore Australia in. I really hope to explore the East Coast especially this way. What an amazing experience it would be, so much cheaper than taking flights and quicker than catching the Greyhound bus. Fingers crossed!  read more
  • Kristy Slade (Australia)
    Footing NT
    Hi, we would love for Apollo to be a part of our Footing NT adventure. We will be flying to Darwin for my partner to compete in the Australian Nationals Barefoot Comp in the April. We are going to be there for just under three weeks and don't want to stay in hotels. We are going to be driving to Uluru after we finish at our Barefoot Comp. We compete each year for the Barefoot Nationals at different places around... read more
  • Caprice Burrows (Australia)
    Recreating my childhood
    When I was 10 my parents packed us all up and we set off on an adventure!A converted F2500 and a caravan we spent 3 months driving from our farm in Ballidu WA to Darwin and back. These are some of the best memories of my childhood. Walking along 80 mile beach, cruising a river in Kakadu National Park and our hypercolour tees from Broome.Now I have a family of my own and adventure in my blood. I would love... read more
  • Carolyn S (Australia)
    The adventure is the random gems you find along the way..
    People always say “why drive yourself? Why not hop on board a tour?” when I holiday. Though tours may appeal to some, I resent riding the well worn path of tourists before me, capturing picture-perfect, postcard photos just like my fellow travellers, but not seeing the ‘real’ place and heart of where I am visiting. The true gems I find are often off the beaten track, the places only the locals know! The fun is in the adventure and the random, often crazy things you see... read more
  • christine penco (Australia)
    our dream
    our dream is to pack up a camper and take off around australia read more
  • hunter smith (Australia)
    Tangalooma Adventure
    The family had an awespome time, quadbiking (the boys), whale and dugomng watching, snorkelling and Dad did a few scuba dives, hand feeding storm ythe dolphin plus lots of friendly birds and even a large python that wandered (slithered) into the resort. Such a great place for any family. read more