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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Eden Flynn (Australia)
    Young and Free
    When I was young and single I traveled central Australia by myself.  I had an amazing experience, saw fantastic sights and met great people. I’m now married with 3 kids and I would love to take them on much the same journey.  A trip to our red centre to see and explore for themselves what they’ve seen in photos and on TV.  There are some things that just cannot be taught in the classroom. Normal 0 ... read more
  • CATH woods (Australia)
  • Kathryn Cavalieri (Australia)
    Our Dream Holiday Adventure
    Off in our Camper we shall go, to a far away place that no body knows.Rainforest settings, to beachside sand. We are off to travel this gorgeous land.The kids are having so much fun, laughing and splashing in the glorious sun. To a sunset lookout where Hubby gets romantic and opens a bottle of wine, oh this holiday is just DIVINE!!!! read more
  • Roberto Pinto (Australia)
  • Pat Walker (Australia)
  • Rachelle Schloeffel (Australia)
  • Nicola Thomson (Australia)
    My Australian Adventure
    My Queensland Adventure I think I’m up for an adventure! I’m feeling “Bilbo Baggins” inspired. My last adventure was a road trip from the crystal aqua clear waters of Yeppoon Qld where majestic whales breached but as the Coral spawned a murkiness, it hid the creatures of the deep. Through gorges at Cania Big4 Holiday Park, we discovered strange creatures of the night “the betongs” gorging on the remains of what was left from the King Parrots and Yellow Crested Cockatiels daily feed. I journeyed to the deep rich... read more
  • Chrissy Roberts (Australia)
    Concerts and fun
    I promised myself that if Bruce Springsteen came to Australia, I would be there.  He won't be coming to WA so we are going to make a holiday of the trip over. Go to Offspring's concert also and then go sightseeing.  I want to swim in the Tweed River, see Yamba, cane fields, see Russel Crowe's museum M.I.T. at Nymboida, visit the famous Nimbim, eat fresh avocados and oysters and do all the things we can't do as we live in... read more
  • Bridget Knobel (Australia)
  • damian bowler (Australia)
    My first trip to Kangaroo Island ended in Disaster
    On the 14th december 2012 mybest mate and myself set out for a road trip to Kangaroo Island S.A for 5 days , it was to be my first trip to the island and I was extatic ,we loaded up the ute with the Moto bikes on the back and set off for the sea link ferry .. the ferry left Cape Jarvis at 7pm and arrived at Penneshaw just before 8PM .. We drove to Parndana where my mates parents... read more
  • Denise Patroni (Australia)
    Tassy Christmas
    We decided to have Christmas in Tasmania 2 years ago when my parents had just moved there. We hired a campervan and would say it was the best fun we ever had. We went around the state and up through the middle just staying when we find a great spot (and there were many). We went up to the top where mum and Dad live and had Christmas and set off again in another direction. In all we went around... read more
  • Rose Pater (Australia)
  • Karlie Duchow (Australia)
    One Day.....
    One Day I would love to venture out of my hometown Rockingham W.A. At my old age of 28 years, my friends are making babies and getting married for the 2nd time. My cousin Heidi is as adventurous and daring as me. She lives in Melbourne but when we are together, life is so much more exciting. I would love to spend more time with her exploring our beautiful country, doing river crossings, climbing mountains and kicking up the red dirt!!!... read more
  • Neil Harvey (Australia)
  • Lenamaree Lowe (New Zealand)
    Usually a fairly responsible hiker, I had just taken up with a new boyfriend, now husband and we spontaneously decided to go hiking around Manopouri as a break from studying. We emptied our 'end of year' cupboards of tins into a sports bag and headed off. The tiny canvas straps of the heavy bag subsequently wore grazes into our shoulders. We took a 'detour' to a small lake edge where we saw pig trotter imprints in the sand, and... read more
  • Arie Szapiro (Australia)
  • scotty richter (Australia)
    hello there, great comp, i must win it,please , to take my two kids away on a trip as my wife gives us the sh!ts so we need to hit the road , cheers guys ,good luck!scotty read more
  • Caprice Burrows (Australia)
    We've never been ones to be afraid to face adventure & step out of our comfort zone as a family! I love to show my 3000+ Facebook likers what to do in Perth & beyond with kids in tow read more
  • VICKI HEMMINGS (Australia)
    My partner & I were holidaying in Cape Tribulation staying in a lovely tree house accommodation !  Idealic you would think, the scenery was superb the animal life was bigger than I imagined.  At night we were visited by large gekos/lizzards that would suction their feet on the walls & run around making scary noices, the marsupial mice which were the size of rats would scuffle around too !  One morning we thought we would head down to the beach,... read more
  • Debbie O'Donnell (Australia)