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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Daan Kroese (none)
    Bye-bye New Zealand…
    Maakt u zich geen zorgen, we leven nog! We laten ons alleen af en toe afleiden van het bloggen door al die mooie dingen hier. Gevolg: veel in te halen. Om te beginnen het beloofde filmpje van de Blowholes bij de Pancake Rocks (let op de Japanse SFX en het anticlimactische einde): Spectaculair he? Dat dachten wij ook. En toen reden we verder naar de Franz Jozef gletsjer. Wow. Nog onder de indruk van de enorme ijstong en het maanlandschap er... read more
  • Benoit BIGOT (australia)
    Hippie froggies
    A 3 week journey from Brisbane to Cairns in search of sunshine, native wildlife and wild jelly wrestling action! read more
  • Deon Vosloo (none)
  • Alex Krasinsky (none)
    Crossing Oz
    On wednesday tabitha took us to Newcastle airport. when we checked our bags in we sat down and a random bag sitting next to us. Few minutes later we informed airport security and a guy came and checked the bag thoroughly. It was not a bomb and he took it away with him. We arrived in Brisbane at 5:30 pm and a we turned our phones on we got a message from Jetstar that our flight is going to be delayed.... read more
  • Jane Emmerson (none)
    To have the life of a hippy...
    30 days and 15 stopovers.Epic Driving and lengendary adventures.Meeting fellow 'Hippies' and travellers.Life can't be too bad for a hippy in New Zealand....With flowers in our hair and a serene peacefulness in Fjordland, the adventure had only just begun!The love followed from Christchurch to Auckland, from North to South.With groovy vibes in Wanaka and Welly.Surfing and funk in Raglan with an awesome community arty spirit.Rototura, Franz Josef, Taupo to name a few...Spreading the love through out Aotearoa like only a... read more
  • Lesley van Loo (none)
  • Johann Essl (none)
    Unterwegs im Outback
    Nachdem wir uns die Unterwasserwelt von Australien angeschaut hatten, wollten wir jetzt mal schaun was das Land so zu bieten hat und fuhren letzten Sonntag von Innisfail Richtung Outback los.Am ersten Tag machten wir hauptsaechlich viele Kilometer, von Innisfail ueber Ravenshoe (die hoechste "Stadt" Queenslands) weiter Richtung Charters Towers, wo wir auf einer Rest Area campierten.Unterwegs machten wir das erste mal Bekanntschaft mit riesigen Roadtrains, ueberfahrenen Kaenguruhs und einspurigen Strassen mit Schotter-Ausweichspuren auf beiden Seiten. Das Fahren war am Anfang... read more
  • James Blackmore (none)
    A Week in the Life of a Hippie
    Monday: First attempt at using the gas stove. Guy in the hardware store says nothing can go wrong. Guy in the hardware store concedes he was wrong after being presented with chargrilled leftovers of primus stove.Tuesday: New mini-mals strapped to roof rack (thanks to Coolham Tex - the best guy to buy a surf board off... no contest). Roll into Noosa and park up by the side of the lagoon. First attempt at surfing... how hard can it be!Wednesday: In... read more
  • Katrin and Philipp (none)
    The different blog...
    31.Aug.2010I can feel it - it's going on again. All my body functions have been tested recently. Same procedure, every time when I have to go on tour again. Hopefully my passengers are nice people who take care of me and will love me. And please, please not again to the north - to the crocodiles. I really hate crocodiles!As I be so excited, I will nearly make into my sump. I would have bonnet clapping if I had one.... read more
  • Nicholas Milne (none)
    Going nowhere slowly
    What better way to escape the madding crowd than to head up the East Coast of Australia for two weeks? In a choose-you-own-adventure, we did just that: grabbed our board-shorts and sunscreen, hired a spunky Hippie camper and set off on the 1600kms from Brisbane to Cairns We chose a Hippie camper as the most cost effectively package of essentials needed to ensure a trip of pure sun soaked hedonism: a fridge to chill the beers, air con to help the... read more
  • Rebecca and Rohan (none)
    What an interesting and fun time we had driving in the Hippie Camper!!!
    We realised we were not your typical Hippie Camper when one of the roadside diner ladies commented on us. She was confused when she saw the van, then saw us - a 40 plus couple without dreadlocks, smelly armpits or any body piercings! The second comment was the best, at the last caravan park the attendant politely said to Rohan, you know what you are called? Wizz Bangers! and why is this so? The Grey Nomads have called any Hippie... read more
  • Shayne Jacks (none)
  • Bryan PACHER (none)
    Born to be wild!
    And here we are on the road ... Well I'll spare you the details of Sydney , it has not really changed since the last time ... The most interesting begins in Cairns . Upon exiting the plane to the shuttle to go get the van . Arrived on the spot here, our Hippie Camper Van ! All white with beautiful flowers on the side. Well, it is not super manly but at least its not a bad resemblance of... read more
  • Jonathan Bettinson (none)
  • Matthew Hickman (none)
  • Ben Wise (none)
  • Carolyn & Ben Opps (none)
    The Mystery Machine vs. Oz
    Are you looking for heart-pounding thrills? Want to stretch your brain and build new synapses? Desperate to put your relationship to the test? If you answered "yes" to these questions, let us recommend driving in Sydney! You will love the challenge of driving on the left side of the road, while sitting on the right side of the vehicle, and shifting with your left hand. Throw in speed limits in kilometers, some parallel parking, and plentiful roundabouts and you have... read more
  • Elizabeth Tuckett (none)
  • Hanneke Verhoeven (none)
  • Claudia Merz (none)