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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Hannah Quade (Australia)
    Road tripping in Bob!
    We hired "Bob" the Hippie Camper in February this year and the best 6 weeks of our travels driving him down from Cairns to Sydney. We wrote all about it in our blog (link above). I am desperate to get back out on the road and do it all again as it really was the best experience of your lives! We didn't really know what we were hiring when we signed up for our camper and were a bit hesitant... read more
  • Justin Hall (Australia)
    Hire dud van
     couple of friends and I where going on a roadtrip to Surfers Paradise. We decided to book a travel hire van for the trip. Being poor students we decided to go with the cheapest available. Being unorganised we went at last minute to discover our 'sleek, air conditioned, "NEW" and comfortable ride' was in actual fact a rusting orange comby van with a large picture of a naked woman on the back and an even bigger picture of skulls on... read more
  • shane munro (Australia)
  • kerry horvath (Australia)
    fun in the sun
    Fun, laugh's, entertainment galore without family the funfactor's nought wife in front kid's in back stress on doorstep ... what's better than that!! read more
  • Liz Cruse (Australia)
    Family Road Trip
    My dream trip would be to fly to Broome and explore for a few days before heading down the west coast of Australia through Perth, Dunsborough, Margaret River. Then keep driving through the Central wheat belt of Western Australia to Esperance and stay  in Cape Le Grand National Park. Then we would head to Norseman and cross the Nullarbor and onto the Eyre Peninsula following the coastline of the Great Australian Bight. It would be an amazing adventure and I'd LOVE... read more
  • Lesley McBow (New Zealand)
    Last year my position was made redundant.  So after 10 years with my employer it was time to say 'Adios'.  Now it is time to get a life and start living.  I am planning a road trip with 3 great friends around the South Island of New Zealand.  How exciting to jump into a motorhome with all the essentials and a few luxuries and hit the road on an adventure of a lifetime.  No deadlines or timetables for three weeks. counting... read more
  • Paul Hart (Australia)
    Our Travel Blog 2006/7
    We had a year of travel 2006/2007 and used a blog site to document it so our family and friends could see what we were up to and to share our amazing travels with them. Please take a look at our blog site for more stories and photos. Just imagine what we could achieve now with smart phones, roaming internet access and the ultimate motorhome holiday (plus two additions to the family)!!   read more
  • Peter and Jill Quinlan (Australia)
    In the L300
    Many years ago we took  the back seats out of the family L300, fixed up a base for our blow up mattress, packed up our gear into boxes and travelled from Qld to NSW to WA and in between, whilst it was a great trip, the packing up every morning and unpacking every night did get very wearisome and now at the ages of 61 to do the same trip in the most comfortable of motorhomes would be a dream come... read more
  • cath woods (Australia)
    happy camper
    i want to go a camping i want to pitch a tent i want to experience the great outdoors i'm sick of paying rent read more
  • Stephanie Gregg (Australia)
    Chasing the Sun
    We want to take our 'first family holiday' together and thought travelling down the QLD coast in an Apollo Motorhome would be the ideal way to do it.Having family and friends in QLD that have never met our kids, the motorhome is perfect as we can stay with them (in their driveways / front yards), and have our own space without imposing on them too much.Thanks for reading and we hope we get the opportunity to 'test-drive' soon.Cheers Steph, Simon,... read more
  • Dave Sierat (Australia)
    We're planning a three an a half week trip to Gladstone QLD via Birdsville, up the Birdsville track from Adelaide coinciding with the Birdsville races on the first weekend in September.  We'll then continue on through Longreach to Gladstone then back to Adelaide. A total of 5200kms. read more
  • Phil Murray (Australia)
    Our family dream
    We have two young kids and for years have dreamed of driving from Adelaide down the Great Ocean Road  spending a few days in each of the glorious towns along the way and then into the Ottway Ranges and the magnificent rainforests.  read more
  • Mark Lowe (Australia)
    Up the Guts!
    My wife and my 3 sons have been trying to save for the ultimate trip up through the middle of OZ then back via WA and SA.This was planned for end of next year after my son finishes VCE but we keep having setbacks as my eldest boy suffered a life threatening condition last year that has seen us having to use our savings to get him well again.He is now running strong and his focus is doing well at... read more
  • Fiona Bottcher (Australia)
    Our American Journey
    We have a plan... After doing a campervan trip down the NSW coast last year we're putting together the bones of our three year plan.  Three years to save the money and that will put my oldest in year six - the last year of primary.  We want to fly to Los Angeles, do the parks then hire a campervan and drive to San Francisco and Yosemite.  From there we want to go to Colorado to visit family and a friend... read more
  • Fran Mahy (Australia)
    My Dream
    I would just love the opportunity to visit and travel around New Zealand.  I hear (constantly) from a Kiwi friend how wonderful it is over there. I have friends I would love to visit and as I have some time on my hands and not much in the $$$ this would work out quite well if I was fortunate enough to win...I could send/blog lots of great places I would visit from the mountains to the sea...hmmmm   if only read more
  • Nicole Wells (New Zealand)
    7 people on a Road-ie Trip from Waiuku to Feilding...YEAH!!
    In Feb 2010 Our Eldest son was getting  married in Feilding so we thought that we would coincide our road trip  with two of the most special events in our lives.  It was also our other son Josh's first time in NZ as he lives in Australia. So we converged on our way to Feilding from 2 vehicles, with tons of luggage, lots of noise and with 6 of our sons.  Stopping along the way to some of our... read more
  • Justin Singer (Australia)
    Just In Aus!
    Well I've been traveling around the world for just over a month now!  I left home on April 1st and took the Greyhound bus across Canada to Vancouver.  Not the most pleasant road trip, but in the eyes of a budget traveler it's the way to go.  It was also a staple for how my trip is just as much about the journey as it is the destination.  I then flew to Fiji and am now in New Zealand.  I... read more
  • aled davies (Australia)
    Rhys wants to see the world!
    We want our 3 year old son to see loads of cool things and have adventures before he starts school. So far weve travelled from UK to australia and live in Bendigo. Now we would love to travel the country and show him everything australian like crocs, koalas the great barrier reef and especially the outback! He loves camping and that would be a massive adventure, better than seeing it in books!! read more
  • Tawhi Kirk (Australia)
    From the Goldy to Melbz
    My ultimate and most memorable roadie was when my partner and I decided to give our relationship a go by moving me from the Gold coast to Melbourne. My partner drove all the way up, picked me and my puppy up and we roadied it all the way back to Melbourne to start a new life! read more
  • Bianca Vercoe (Australia)
    Byron Bay!
    We took the trip of our lives to Byron Bay for my best friends 18th in January, it was amazing! We're hoping to plan a roadtrip there again as soon as possible, the people, the beach, the night life, the whole town!, it was all so incredible :) read more