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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Jeremy wanhill (New Zealand)
    random explorer
    so I find myself in the embarasing situation of having been to some very exotic places around the world yet I havnt explored our own south make matters worse my fiance is in the same situation.we think it would be best to rectify this for our honeymoon in october. as we all know weddings are expensive so we need all the help we can get to have our first holiday together be a very special one. read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    mother daughter trip
    a mother daughter trip round australia read more
  • cinta sha (Australia)
    The Big ones.
    The land Down Under is famous for many things. I could list them all but I don't wish to bore you. But before I let you go, I want to tell you about the time I drove round this great land and spotted a 'big one.' Well, I jest and lie, I didn't actually spot one big one, but many. For those who say size doesn't matter, they're greatly mistaken. Size does count and you just have to compare one... read more
  • Luke Bonathan (Australia)
    Some direction would be nice, I don't know what you want? I'm very laid back and love to travel. I took multiple trips to the USA in 2009-2010, then drove from England to the south coast of Spain in early 2010, progressing to a  2 month road trip around Texas and the East coast, now I want to explore Aus and NZ.  I try to help one different person each day, asking they try to do the same. Peace  read more
  • Sarah Collett (Australia)
    Travelling in style
    If only we travelled in comfort on our travels around Australia, a car that belonged in the scrap heap and a tent that more holes than a fly screen, would not change anything for world except for one thing. The comfort of travelling in the out back in style, a hippie camper would of made the travel around Australia s much more enjoyable. Loved everything about going from one town to the next meeting strangers in new towns, seeing the... read more
  • Kirsten Krohn (Australia)
    Before it's too late...
    I'd love to share a road trip with my parents as my mum is quite ill and has to have life threatening surgery soon. We'd do a road trip over to Rockingham so she can spend some time with her best friend who has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The memories we'd make along the way i'll treasure forever and i'm sure my kids will too. read more
  • Fran Mahy (New Zealand)
    My New Zealand Adventure
    New Zealand is a place I have never been but, would absolutely love the opportunity to visit. To travel the land of the Big White Cloud in my Hippie Van and finally meet friends I have never met but, feel I have known for a lifetime..that's right my Kiwi Facebook mates...Wendy, Shirlene and co. I would also love to see the traditional Maori places and see and experience their culture. I would treasure the chance to visit the areas affected by the earthquake... read more
  • Fran Mahy (Australia)
    My Time At Last
    20 Years...where did they go...that's right..raising my son alone and enjoying every minute of it. Since my son left home and joined the Navy, I have been thinking about what I would love to do now for ME.   It was very easy this wonderful country we have and write on my blog so my friends can find out how much fun I am having and make them completely jealous. I would travel around and visit friends and places I have known... read more
  • Jessica Manners (Australia)
  • Charlotte Evans (Australia)
    Species native to Australia...
    Having flown 16997km from England, we came in search of the rare Australian species- known for its lithe, athletic, body, tousled blonde hair, and sexual prowess- the “Bondi lifeguard”. We took our first encounter very seriously. Approaching their natural habitat- ‘bondi beach’, we packed the necessities- sun lotion, bikinis, sunglasses, towels, flippers- what every bondi lifeguard hunter needs.  Given this creature’s ability to unwittingly attract the opposite sex, we made sure we avoided direct eye contact and kept a safe... read more
  • Yvette Shore (New Zealand)
    "Oh that magic feeling...What a way to go!"
    Waiting and wishing isn’t enough. I’ve always believed if you want something enough, then it’s up to you to make it happen. Both my kids have had the most awesome campervan holidays and have enough amazing stories to last them the rest of their lives. What they have taught me, is that what makes this sort of trip unique, seems to be just the getting through it all with a special someone... in very close proximity for unnerving periods of... read more
  • Jodie Bacon (New Zealand)
    I've always wanted to see New Zealand. It would be such a fun experience to be able to travel around in a motorhome.So many sights I want to see and activities I want to experience!! read more
  • Maree Slaven (Australia)
    A Room with a View
    Here is a small sample of our million dollar view from a small campsite in the far tip of Australia's East.  We had to get through floods and torrential downpours, this is the last day of our trip to where the rainforest meets the beach.  It turned out to be amazing! read more
  • Sarah Collett (Australia)
    Working holiday
    My husband to me on a working holiday when we first met 17 years ago. Best experience of my life. Love the road and sites we saw on the way. We only managed half our trip as our car broke down. I would love to finish the trip and see the parts we missed out on.  read more
  • Claire Walkinshaw (Australia)
    Speeding down the Bruce Highway
    We were strangers in the big country, but enjoying every minute of driving from the far north to Brisbane and always amazed at the enormity of everything there.  It was my duty to watch for speed restriction signs.  However, not far north of Gympie, my observation skills failed and we met a highway patrol who quickly flashed red/blue/red/blue and turned to bail us up.  Apparently we were over the limit.  I still swear the sign was either hidden by bush... read more
  • Ophelie Tinel (Australia)
  • Michael Beres (Australia)
    Hi I'm going to visit Australia for Holiday and Work.Loving travel not so much work so please let me see your beatiful country and a loot of KANGAROOS ;))) read more
  • Lauren Simpfendorfer (Australia)
    Melbourne to Ningaloo Reef
    My brother and I would LOVE to go on a road trip from Melbourne to Western Australia and see the famous NINGALOO REEF!! We have been dreaming of this trip for as long as we can remember, and swimming with Whale Sharks, Turtles and Mantarays, and snorkelling in crystal clear water in paradise is the one thing that we both think about every single day!! We want to go to paradise!!! read more
  • jordan heard (Australia)
    I would absolutley love to take my partner on a trip around australia to site see and visit adelaide because we have always wanted to go there. read more
  • Nalda Williams (New Zealand)
    Love to have a holiday in Hippie Happy Camper around the Nelson Marlborough area - can't wait !!!!!!! read more