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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Glenys Key (New Zealand)
    Freedom Travelling Dreams
    My husband and I always thought that one day we could travel around New Zealand in a campervan. Maybe we will be able to one day, but unless we are lucky enough to win this then I cannot see our Freedom Travelling Dreams coming to fruition in the next few years!   read more
  • Donna Bunyard (New Zealand)
    First Family Holiday
    We have a 3 year old and would love to travel around NZ, especially the south island.  We are nearing 30 and still haven't traveled around our amazing country.  This would be an amazing opportunity read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    My dream
    For a long time I have a dream of hiring a camper and taking to the road could this be ,y chance read more
  • Kara Lawlor (New Zealand)
    NZ dreaming
    After going through NZ many years ago I want to take my husband and 2 boys there and show them this beautiful country. Have been dreaming of going in a camper and exploring every little nook and cranny. It will be an adventure of a lifetime. read more
  • Nicole Murphy (Australia)
    Hot, sandy summer
    Backpacking, dirty showers, hot camper vans, sandy beaches & lots of friends ... amazing! read more
  • Nicole Murphy (Australia)
    Red Dirt Road
    Beat up old car, 4 old friends & a long red, dirt road...  read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    mother daughter trip
    I have dreamt of  a mother daughter trip for a long time just travelling and enoying read more
  • Lucia Bini (Australia)
    Bush Surf n Sand on Flinders
    Just out of College, three close girlfriends, just enough money to buy a flight to Flinders Island and hire a campervan. For two weeks we blissfully beach-hopped and bush-walked our way around this fabulous Island. We marvelled in the clear water and beautiful sand, the wildlife and interesting people. We noted the differences at each beach along the way and laughed at washing in sea-water and nivea moisturiser for two weeks. Ah the joy of holiday freedom and a campervan... read more
  • Rachael Field (Australia)
    Thelma and Louise- Australian rebel girls.
    My dream is to grab my 'chicky girl' as I affectionately like to call her (My dearest friend) from the NT in this glam new hippie camper, she's struggling with loss and pounding to be free, exactly like me, with this fancy shuttle of fun and 28 days we will be adding colourful pictures to our life, making the most of every page of our life, together, and right here is my chance, to just roam with my girl and... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    Enjoying Life
    Now our Kids are old enough Travelling Around Australia Sounds like a Perfect Dream read more
  • Naomi Wheeler (Australia)
    Aussie basics
    Myself along with three friends have dreamed of road tripping Australia for years.  We hope that this can help make our dream come true.  We want to start in Brisbane at this is the area we live in and head north to cairns.  This is called our Aussie basics trip because we want to take the bare minimum.  try and live off the land as much as possible.  After cairns we want to hit every state visiting the main attractions... read more
  • Frances Truong (Australia)
    aotearoa New Zealand
    I'm planning a trip to NZ with my mates, we are hiring a campervan and driving around the south island of NZ with no set itinerary. That is what we love about being able to travel around Australia and NZ. We are not confined to tours, and can do whatever we want, and stay in beautiful caravan parks. We hope to visit the Glaciers, and go snowboarding in Queenstown. We would love to visit Milford sound and see the beautiful... read more
  • karen stockburger (Australia)
    We iot married and decided that due to finances we would hire a campervan and have a quite,relaxing honeymoon.WRONG !!!!The van we had chosen was double booked,so we had to take a much older and smaller one.Firstly we have 5 kids between us,so organising them was a disaster to start with .They all whinged and whined about being left with my aunt.She runs a tight ship like boot camp!!!!At the last minute aunty refused to look after the new puppy ,so... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    What we dream of is Travelling Around Australia Exploring and taking our Time to ENJOY read more
  • Rebecca Baron (Australia)
    My friend and I are planning a one year trip to Australia! Winning this would help give us a great start to our trip! read more
  • Simon Niblock (New Zealand)
    If only we had a Hippie!
    We flew into Auckland on July the first, The weather was great, but our jetlag the worst! We picked up a rental at a discounted price, The service was friendly and the car ‘quite’ nice. We headed up north passing towns, farms and sheep, - beaches, forests and rivers, with our children asleep! We stayed in Keri Keri enjoying the sites, Adventure-filled days with culinary delights. Then down the island in our ‘slightly-small’ car, A squash and a squeeze, we couldn’t go too far. If only we had... read more
  • Sabrina Bieser (Australia)
    Only to write that it has always been my dream to travel through Australia does not sound special enough to me. Of course it has always been my dream but who actually does not have exactly that dream? So I am gonna start this different. The first thing that comes into my mind when I hear Australia is Amy. It is not beach, warm weather, kangaroos, koala, none of these typical things a foreign person would probably say. It is Amy.  You wonder? Well, I would say... read more
  • Michelle Lewis (Australia)
    You travel the world, yet leave your own neighbourhood untouched
    I had not travelled very much, yet each and everytime I had, it was overseas. This time I had been to Morocco, it was a beautiful trip, full of colour, culture and vibrance. At family dinner my uncle asked me how my trip was, naturally I was full of excitement as I told him about my travels. When I finally finished talking, his response was not what I expected. I thought he would be thrilled, as excited as me that I... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    MY dream is to tour TASMANIA read more
  • Christine Williams (Australia)
    Across the country and back in Thirty Days
    Perth to Queensland with our little family and my sister and brother in law.   We made up our itinerary as we went, a few must do's were on our list, but the most memorable events were the ones that we didn't plan for.   We could have done without everyone getting tonsillitus but it is something we laugh about now.  Whales at the Australian Bight, Rollercoasters, Waterfalls, Big Pineapples, eating Beef Jerky at 3 in the morning and salivating... read more