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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Reinhard Franz (Australia)
    A Different kind of White Christmas
    From our trip from Alice Springs to Porta Augusta in December 2008 read more
  • Judi Adams (Australia)
    Motorhome Journey
    This prize would have to beThe ultimate road trip for meOff to seeThe best of AussieI dream of going but lack the resources ie moneyNow there is a chance to win this trip freeAnd fulfil my travel fantasy Blogging will come naturallyWhen inspired by the natural beautyOf all surrounding me on my journey read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    I dream of travelling around Tassie visiting the Quiet secluded parts of the Coast read more
  • Sonja Eppinger (Australia)
  • kara sligar (Australia)
    My parents have always dreamt of doing the around australia trip upon retirement - buying the 4WD and caravan and taking off. Unfortunately due to my marriage breakdown i feel as though my folks have hung around to lend their support. As the best parents in the world i would love to win a trip such as this one to give to them as a thankyou for all that they have done for me and my children over the past 2... read more
  • Anna Barglowski (Australia)
    Uluru sunset
    Buses arriving People crowding Cameras snapping Sunscreen slapping Sunset at Uluru Sacred stories Special adventures Indigenous rock paintings One great pebble Sunset at Uluru Many languages saying “beautiful” Hats are on Flies swarming Champagne popping Sunset at Uluru Bright sun setting Red rock glowing Colour changing every second On this hot dry afternoon. Sunset at UluruUluru a my dream roadtrip. read more
  • Natascha Schutte (Australia)
    Krispy Kreme Baby
    I was about 8 months pregnant and all I wanted to eat was donuts, i was obsessed. Unfortunatly at the time Brisbane (where I live) did not have Krispy Kremes, and try as i might dreamy donuts and all the rest just did not cut it, although i must say 7-11 did tide me over for a few days. It all came to a head at about 2am when my partner found me sitting in the dark in the lounge... read more
  • Mardy Kidwell (New Zealand)
    Getting There
    The most exciting thing for me is that today I am picking up my Hippie Camper Van in Christchurch, NZ so that I can finally see all of South Island, close up and very personal.  This has been a dream of mine for almost two years, finally come true!  I appreciate the flexibility that will be mine with a home on four wheels which lets me cook or eat whenever I want and allows me the comfort of my own... read more
  • Veronika Straubinger (Australia)
    Enjoy life! See the world! Travel!
    Hey guys,after an amazing Roadtrip at the Eastcoast from Melbourne to Syndey and back I would love to see more of Western Australia as well since I've been here for 4 months.Sooo, the plan of my boyfriend and me is to make a 3 weeks Roadtrip in WA. Being young and loving camping doesn't mean to do a luxuary holiday in hotels but hireing a CAMPERVAN :-) Wanna see more of incredible beautiful sunsets&nature, travel without rush, being independent and... read more
  • Brianna Dixon (New Zealand)
    My New Zealand Dream
    I've always dreamed of going overseas, even if it was only as far as New Zealand. Finally, an opportunity comes about; my boyfriend's cousin is getting married in Auckland. Before the wedding, my boyfriend and I plan to travel the South Island, in which I can only imagine what the scenery looks like. Pictures, I am sure, would not do it justice. Doing this by campervan would be a great adventure, as we can go at our own pace, and stay where we... read more
  • Ian Kelsall (Australia)
    Beaches from Brazil to Buenos Aires & Beyond!
    In 2006/2007 I decided to shake off my London city life and exploremy passion for photography and had an epic adventure of documenting the infinite natural wonders and fascinating inhabitants of Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. The travel was punctuated mixing cocktails at the iconic Bondi beach Icebergs restaurant and a season as a “lifty” at the world-class Coronet Peak ski field, New Zealand. I documented the entire trip here on my personal blog of images, writing and video podcasts: time I... read more
  • Simone Sawaya (Australia)
  • laura butler (Australia)
    Dream Holiday
    MY partner and I have our retirement dream already - even though we are only 28yrs old.To travel around Australia in a camper van.Hopefully I won't have to wait until I am too old to enjoy it properly though. I am currently dying to go to Ayres Rock.I always say people should explore all Australia has to offer before they rush off to America or Europe. Explore your own ountry first! read more
  • Mike Vos (none)
  • Robin Sluysmans (none)
    Byron Bay & Dreamworld
    It was 17 September and I was waiting on my camper I rented from Hippie Camper. The main reason why I hired from them was that I only heard good story’s and the price was very good as well. It didn’t take too long before the camper arrived and the man from the company, a really friendly person and a great sense of humour, gave me some instructions on how to use the vehicle. After a short time I was... read more
  • Stefan & Theresa (Germany)
    Great Ocean Road
    This was our first trip within Australia. We went for 10 days during the Easter Holidays to the Great Ocean Road with our super Hippie Camper. It was just perfect. Driving on the left was first a bit strange, but you get used to it very fast. We had the perfect time there. The weather was stunning, always just sun and no rain. We have seen so much within those 10 days and we will never forget this time!  read more
  • Roelof Hoogstrate (none)
  • Michael & Bianca Perry (Melbourne Australia)
  • Ralf & Daniela (Sydney)
  • Anne Veinot (Port Hedland, WA)
    Hippie Camper - Helping Make the World a Smaller Place!
    My friend Shantelle and I recently traveled to Byron Bay from Sydney in a Hippie Camper. We went out one night in Byron and I approached these two guys that I thought were cute. We got talking and I noticed from their accent that they weren’t Aussie. I’m Canadian so I asked them if they were Canadian… YEP! They’re brothers from Toronto, which is where Shantelle is from. We got talking more and I discovered that they had spent many... read more