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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Sian Woodcock (UK)
    Travels with our Hippie Camper Transformer
    Transformer = Hippie CamperTravellers in need = Sian & TomHow could we have known that the Hippie Camper that we collected would be more than a home on wheels for the next six weeks. We got more than we expected.Our 6,000km trip took us up and down the East Coast from Brisbane to Cape Tribulation and back down to Sydney. Our first need was a meditation space and to our surprise our Hippie Camper transformer came to our help when it... read more
  • Markus Hijlkema (none)
  • Richard Ault (Wirral, England)
    The sun always shines on Hippie Campers
    After spending too much time during our first few weeks in the country involuntarily sampling the Australian healthcare system thanks to a foot infection picked up in Singapore, and the subsequent allergic reactions to the treatment, we were hoping that hiring our Hippie campervan would be the start of some brighter times and kick-start our Aussie adventure.We had chosen Hippie over other companies for several reasons.  Aside from the positive internet reviews, good reliability and the low price, we also... read more
  • Rachel Smith (England, UK)
    Looking for something more this Valentine’s Day?
    ADVERT - Looking for something more this Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for:- Someone who’s fun and adventurous?- Somebody who’s always there come rain or shine?- Someone who all your friends will approve of?- Somebody who is cool and stylish yet practical and organised?- Someone to take you where you want to go and when (and they won’t even moan)?- Somebody to take you to the doctors when you’re sick?- Someone that everyone wants to spend time with?- Somebody to take you on the adventure of a lifetime?- Someone... read more
  • Ralf (Sydney)
    Free Willi
    Our Happy Camper was named Willi and he showed us his home, New Zealand. Willi loves places with a beautiful view over the sea, lakes or just water in general. He really enjoys travelling on a ferry - a nice relaxing break for him..Thank you Willi for showing us all the beauty places of the North Island! read more
    Picked up this HIPPY HIPPY SHAKES (our name for this fun & lovable camper ) on 2/12/2010 from brisbane and headed north to CAIRNS. Our first stop shaking our way up the BRUCE H/WAY was a salad lunch at GYMPIE next to a lake.Onto CHILDERS , GIN GIN ,MIRIAM VALE with our 1st night stop on the BOYNE RIVER at BENARBY. Very interesting putting up annex ( which is easy when you know how )& orientating our  selfs with all the... read more
  • Patricia Carol Eder (Germany, Konstanz)
  • Patricia Carol Eder (Germany, Konstanz)
    Andi & Patricia "Down Under"
    Travelling through Australia with a fully equipped hippiecamper (November - Decembre 2010) we discovered a beautiful country and met wonderful people. We started our tour in Cairns which is just a marvelous town (fantastic experience: the Great Barrier Reef! Snorkeling: and then hit wet season in Mission Beach... very happy about sleeping in a dry camper, though... Here's a video when picking up the hippiecamper: We were always happy to see the flowers :-)Magnetic Island was wet again. Reaaally... read more
  • Lara (Netherlands)
    Touring new south wales
    After a three day stay at Sydney we got to pick up the Hippie camper. First the camper looked small but it worked out for the 11 days we stayed in our Truus (nickname). Driving left was a challenge espacially when we started in the city, but after some time we got the hang of it. The most funny thing was, when we wanted to make a turn we used our windscreen wiper iso the flashing light. All the Ozzies saw that we... read more
  • Patricia Carol Eder (none)
    Our Trip from Cairns to Brisbane witch a hippiecamper
    We travelled from Cairns to Brisbane in 11/10. Had lots of fun and enjoyed every minute in our hippiecamper as you can see in the blog, e.g. picture, Pat & Andi read more
  • Kyle Hodgdon (Tumbi Umbi, NSW)
  • C. Meijer (none)
  • Danny Wright (Rosemount)
  • Velthuis (the Netherlands)
    En route to lake Tekapo
    We hebben een geweldige tijd gehad met de Hippie Camper. Tijdens een rondreis van 5000 km hebben we veel indrukken opgedaan van het prachtige Nieuw-Zeeland. Een van de indrukken is weergegeven op de foto. Een prachtig uitzicht op weg naar Lake Tekapo.Met de camper zijn we naar verschillende activiteiten geweest zoals: Black Water Raften, Zorbing, Fox Glacier hiking, Tongariro Crossing en de Hot pools bij lake Tekapo. We hebben genoten van de vrijheid om rond te kunnen reizen in ons... read more
  • Danny & Hayley (none)
    Hey guys,Danny and Hayley here. So began day one of our trip from Brisbane to Hakuba JAPAN. Bright and early we picked up our reloction campervan. We started well and only about 3 hours late.First stop, Sunshine Coast to where we dropped off a body pillow to a pregnant friend who complains her partner isn't squishy enough. GOOD DEED OF THE DAY - done early. To truly start off with the spirit of a travelling Aussie, we stopped off at... read more
  • Kathleen Wasselle (none)
    The Amazing Adventure
    After what seemed like an eternity, my 14 year old son and I finally arrived into Christchurch NZ where we were cheerfully greeted by "the Hippie Camper" staff. They were extremely helpful and accomodating. The van was everything we anticipated and then some.  We spent 33 days exploring all of the South Island of New Zealand circumnavigating from one end to the other.  The beauty of this country is undescribable.  Because of the versatlity and size of our "Hippe Camper"... read more
  • Dori (none)
  • Mayra Mestre (Spain)
  • Florian Schiegl (none)
    Grüße aus dem Inneren der Erde
    Die letzte Tour seines dreiwöchigen Neuseeland-Trips führte Florian Schiegl zum "Devil's Staircase" (des Teufels Treppenhaus) und zum Ngauruhoe - Schicksalsberg im Filmepos "Der Herr der Ringe". Der Tag ist kristallklar, die Lungenflügel blasen sich mit frischer Bergluft auf, die Sonne schickt warme Strahlen. Am Horizont zeichnet sich gar der Gipfel des Mount Taranaki ab, schneebedeckt und mehr als 150 Kilometer entfernt. “Das ist sehr selten”, sagt Bergführer Stewart Barclay. “Wir haben heute traumhafte Bedingungen.” Die Tongariro Crossing gilt als schönste Tageswanderung... read more
  • Hans (none)