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Byron Bay Australian Campervan Travel Destination

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Byron Bay

Cape Byron is Australia's most easterly point and is located on the far north coast of New South Wales. It is easy to find as it is only minutes from the Pacific Highway, 175 km south of Brisbane or 800km north of Sydney. Many visitors decide to make the drive to Byron after visiting the Gold Coast as it is only a 40 minute drive south. Campervan hire holiday makers will find Byron Bay to be an ideal place to visit if they are looking for a laid back seaside destination.

For a town that was once a whaling station, Byron Bay is now remarkably different in its approach to environmental and social issues. Over the years it has developed a solid reputation as a premier destination for eco tourism and nature tours. The white sandy beaches of Byron Bay and the surrounding lush rainforest make this a world class holiday destination. A campervan rental holiday is a great way to visit the area without contributing to the over development of the region.

The town is home to a diverse range of people from all socio economic backgrounds which gives the town its unique and distinctive character. It is a relaxed town and the locals take great pride in preserving and nurturing the natural and cultural heritage of the surrounding areas. Many of the locals embrace an alternative way of life which is evident in the range of art galleries, boutiques and new age shops. Many of the surrounding towns are similar in character but each has a slightly different personality. It is worth taking the time to visit each of the surrounding towns to get an insight into the diversity of the region. Each town is no more than 30 minutes drive away from each other and the roads are wide and well sign posted. Visitors in one of our campervan rentals will have no trouble finding their way around.

Byron Bay is blessed with subtropical weather all year round, and the cooling sea breezes in summer take the edge off the sometimes unrelenting heat. Cape Byron is a 100 metre high cliff face that is Australia's most easterly point. It protects the bay from the elements and is also home to the Byron lighthouse. The light beams more than 40km out to sea as a warning to sailors to avoid the treacherous coastline.

Visitors may follow a 5km walking trail to the top of the cape and take in a spectacular view of the rainforest hinterland, ocean views and the beautiful coastline. Adventurous types can choose to hang glide off the southern side of the cape. From the lighthouse a 47 ha area of remnant vegetation leads down to the old whaling station at the coast. From mid winter through to spring the majestic humpback whales can be seen migrating off the coast. Campervan hire Australia holidays don't get much better than this.

Scuba diving is extremely popular in Byron Bay. This is due to the world class marine park just off the main beach. Julia Rocks Marine Park is an underwater wonderland that is home to an amazingly diverse range of fish and sea creatures.

In the areas around Byron Bay the locals run a number of markets. If you are a fan of local arts and crafts, or if you simply want to hear live music and grab a snack then you will be sure to love these colourful local markets. Excellent markets can be found in Byron Bay itself as well as in the surrounding towns of Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads. You will find a diverse range of singers, dancers, musicians and food vendors which cover the full spectrum of tastes. Campervan rental travellers will appreciate the range of cheap and cheerful market stalls at these markets.

The town of Byron Bay is small and compact, so getting lost will not be a problem. However visitors are urged to be mindful and respectful of the needs of locals. The town has a railway station and bus stop across the road from the visitor centre. While the town is relaxed that does not necessarily mean that staying there is cheap. Backpacker accommodation is rather more expensive than other larger holiday destinations, however backpackers are extremely well catered for with the wide range of markets, pubs and moderately priced dining options. This is just another reason why a campervan hire Australia holiday makes so much sense.

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