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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Briony Alana Clarke (Australia)
  • SHANNON ABRAHAM (Australia)
  • melissa walton (Australia)
  • john klo (Australia)
  • Margriet Ruurs (Australia)
  • karen Goodman (Australia)
    Ohh this would be perfect!
    My husband will not travel outside of Australia and being self employed hasn't had a holiday in decades this would be a perfect way to force him on a holiday as when everything gets on top of him his favorite saying is im going to get in a  motor home and just take off where nobody can find me! I will would be able to call him a Hippy for the rest of his life thanks to Hippy Campers! plus seeing the sharks in WA is right up... read more
  • Mary Molloy (Australia)
    Mur and Sur Adventures
    So I am origianally from New Zealand but moved to good ol Australia over a year ago! When I arrived in Brisbane I met my amazing best friend Sarah! She had come from Canada on a working/holiday visa. So anyways we are parting ways early early Feb (I am relocating to the UK and she is returning to Toronto), until we meet up in Sept where we are going to drive around Europe for 6 months! WATCH THIS SPACE!! We... read more
  • Cassandra Westwood (Australia)
    Roadtrip to Warburton, Vic
    My favourite trip by far was a roadtrip to Warburton earlier this year. My partner and I borrowed my parents' caravan for the week and decided we would explore everything Warburton has to offer. We went for lots of bike rides - the best was a big long ride on the Warburton rail trail. We also took a drive up to the top of Mount Donna Buang. I couldn't believe it when we saw snow! read more
  • Catrina Kelly (Australia)
    I havent learnt to blog yet, but have been wanting to learn, and I'm still dreaming of getting to see outside WA. I want to take the kids to the gold coast, see all the fun parks. I'm a bus driver, been a taxi driver and love to go for a drive. We just did Karratha to Geraldton (1000km or 12 hours) for a week to see family, bring back stuff that was in storage, it was great. We broke... read more
  • sam greenwald (Australia)
  • Chloe Sugden (Australia)
  • joon park (Australia)
    Wild wild west
    IT has been a quite a ride. Looking for that  awesome getaway in the hinterlands of the gold coast, checking out the surf's at the byron bay, sea kayaking in the ocean. Its all about the adventures and I am loving everybit of it read more
  • Roshan Bandara (Australia)
    My favourite part of Australia - Jervis Bay
    Please see my link above about my Jervis Bay experiences. Enjoy!! read more
  • Crystal Stanley (Australia)
    Our Small Adventure
    One day my amazing boyfriend and I decided to go on a spontaneous overnight camping trip. As we lived in far north queensland this was easily possible. We had so much fun camping by the river and going on a bushwalk. Although, we were sleeping on rocks and had forgotten our pillows so we both woke numerous times throughout the night and in the morning discovered we both had extremely bad neck cramps. It was still awesome fun though!As we... read more
  • Steven Gaunt (Australia)
  • Damian Livesey (Australia)
    Our 28 Day Adventure
    Back in July my girlfriend flew to Australia to study a semester abroad in Melbourne. For a long time I didn’t think I would have the time or money to visit, but after 14 long weeks I decided to make some huge changes in my life, quitting my job and leaving my house, giving me the freedom I needed to book a flight. For both of us to make the most of our time together, we decided to travel in a budget campervan up the East... read more
  • Tim Meyer-Selbach (Australia)
  • Claire Edwards (Australia)
    Kiting in paradise
    As we approached the golden sunrise hovering gently over the dunes we caught the sunlight sparkling like tiny Christmas lights twinkling on the bay. I knew then that all my worries about being so far away from home had gone. We had discussed the trip at length and it had seemed at the time that it would end up being something we had nearly done but not got around to. We needed an adventure though, and what could be more exciting... read more
  • Christine Gleeson (Australia)
    Around australia
    Hi,We travelled around Australia for 6 months in a campervan in 1997/98.   We set off with our three small children, 7 months, 2 and 4.   It was an amazing experience and I  would love to do it again but not with the kids this time just me and my husband.  I would recommend  everyone travel A  ustralia because it has so much to offer and the beaches are the most beautiful in the world.   read more
  • Simon Dortmans (Australia)
    Dortmans Wreak Havoc from Beerwah, Queensland.
    My cousin had a 21st birthday at her parents house in Queensland. The entire family lives in Victoria so she did not expect much of a turn out. We pooled our money, bought a $500 van and spent that same amount again painting it bright blue. It didn't have a third gear, smoked liked a bushfire and roared like an army tank but slowly it powered us up to the party! It took days and went through countless spark plugs... read more