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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    A mother daughter trip
    its time for us girls to have a holiday to remember just the two of us read more
  • Graeme Kemsley (Australia)
    "The Rock"
    Did a relocation from Brisbane to Alice Springs and had the opportunity of visiting Uluru. An experience hard to describe.  Culture strong, scenery spectacular and people friendly are my long time memories of this adventure.  read more
  • Colleen Scrase (Australia)
    Road Trip to Exmouth
    My Ultimate Trip.. I travelled from New South Wales to Bunbury Western Australia to House/Pet Sit for a couple of months. I ended up staying nearly a year. I volunteered at the Dolphin Discovery Centre which was a great experience learning about the marine life and Dolphins. I was lucky enough to even go on a few swim tours and swim with these wild amazing creatures in there habitat. I met lots of other travellers from all around Australia and... read more
  • Dameon Hubbard (Australia)
    Splendour In the Grass with Hippie Camper
    The team was rallied, tickets were miraculously purchased and all that stood in the way of our path to Splendour In The Grass 2012 victory were the sleeping arrangements. Any experienced multi day festival doer knows how one sleeps governs stamina levels and in turn overall showoffability in post festival “were you there when” stories. No amount of tightly woven nylon or neatly cocooned dacron was going to save us from the knee deep sucking mud, torrential rain and bullet hail... read more
  • Kim Leha (Australia)
    Monkey Mia Wild Dolphins
    It's 2004 and I'm taking my daughter Camellia on a road trip from Perth to Monkey Mia. The Western Australia Outback Coast is so beautiful and unspoilt. We spot many seals and turtles. How lucky Camellia is to be able to hand feed a dolphin that swims free in the ocean, as dolphins rightfully should. A very memorable trip! read more
  • Amanda Nawer (Australia)
    Doing it Tough
    We decided to take a road trip to Queensland from Sydney in our Holden with our 3 children. Everyone was getting tired and we thought we would just camp under the stars instead of paying for a Motel. It seemed like a nice evening so we pitched a tarpaulin over the roof of the holden and placed some banana beds under it. Mind you there was only 2 beds between 2 adults and 3 children. We snuggled up together watched... read more
  • Robert Penco (Australia)
    our dream trip
    its a dream of ours to just pack up and head off on holidays read more
  • Mark Ryan (Australia)
    A Trip that you only want to do once
    My story starts as i board a bus in Townsville, it was the cheapest way to get to Brisbane at the time. Typically the journey from Townsville to Brisbane is a long one and boring, so night time travel is preferred as you get to sleep, be it in uncomfortable Seats.The Trip is going as is expected and several hours into it I awake due to a sore neck, within the next 30 minutes, the worst thoughts happened.The Bus driver... read more
  • faye killoran (Australia)
    All in One Outback Adventure....
    Cairns to Cooktown, hilly, windy, tropical, The All in One outback journey . .  Creek crossings, Aboriginal spirituality, world heritage rainforests, The Great Barrier Reef and so much more stunning, unspoilit natural beauty.  Easily assessible for the ever reliable Hippie Van. . . Drive, walk, swim and explore . . . . read more
  • urvashi gupta (Australia)
  • beverley hobbs (Australia)
    Australia..what a beautiful country to expierience the beauty of this natural world....The sights are a wonder to behold,within my memory is about to unfold... read more
  • beverley hobbs (Australia)
    Dreamtime in the outback,in the rainforests.These are my visions of my trips to the innermost beautiful heart of Australia.From beaches,to waterfalls,to hidden 'jewels' in the soul of the dreamtime..I recall many wonderful locations and these images are in my mindseye...I need to revisit them before i die.. read more
  • beverley hobbs (Australia)
    The Spectacular 'Dreamtime'
    Australia has the most spectacular natural places to see and expierience,through the eyes of camera lens i will attempt to 'reveal' what i am about to embark upon as i travel,into the unknown.the ethereal sights and depths of 'dreamtime ' read more
  • Lisa Harmer (Australia)
    Proposal at Uluru
    Six months after setting foot on Australian soil, me and my then-boyfriend, Tim, drove off into the sunset in a campervan and went exploring for the rest of the year. I tackled my fear of funnel webs, learned how to wash clothes in the small basin we had and saw the most amazing things of my life!!!! we travelled ina figure of eight from Sydney down through Victoria, around to SA and up to Uluru. Then the plan was to head... read more
  • Lea Woldag (New Zealand)
    All we have to be is happy
    Me and my boyfriend met at the end of 2009. Both of us are keen on kitesurfing but we don't like the crowded beaches in Europe even when you get up at 5 in the morning to get a chance to have a beach for yourself. So it became clear very early that we needed to go to a country with few people and a stunning nature. The idea was born. We need to go to New Zealand. But I... read more
  • Alan Attwater (Australia)
    Splendour in the Mud!
    When I saw the lineup for Splendour in the Grass 2012, I knew I had to be there. I called up a mate from Melbourne, said we had to go and we squealed like little school girls! Fast forward a few weeks and it’s time to start our ultimate weekend which we dubbed, “Fear and Bro-thing in Byron Bay”.We picked up our Hippie Camper from Brisbane on the Friday morning, and after a jump start, we were on our way... read more
  • Linda Bamber (New Zealand)
  • sam greenwald (Australia)
  • sheena grey (Australia)
    My Dream Holiday
    I have always wanted to own a camper so i could just jump in it with my family & travel Australia,but money is tight so that wont be happening unless we win the lotto (fingers crossed) but my dream is to travel all over australia before my daughter gets to the school age that would be my ultimate fantasy!! First stop would be the Ned Kelly Country to just have a look around as that has always interested me  read more
  • Courtney Wright (Australia)
    Road Solace
    My hands ache just as much as my eyes, the lines of the road pierce my pupils and dehydrate my thoughts. I must pull over but these parts are not familiar to me and a fear time would rob us of the effort in our heart. My girls head rocks back and forward as she struggles to keep consciousness. Cast in a mould of beauty her innocent attempts to protect me from the gravity of my dreams makes the trip... read more