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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

  • Vicki Turner (Australia)
    Kyacking at Kalbarri
    The Dad & Kids holiday expanded to all 4 of us this year. We love going to Kalbarri - enjoying the beautiful weather, exploring the township and especially the reef. Trouble is, there is a 300m inlet to cross to get there. With only one kyack, we worked out an ingenious way to get there (think of the fox, chickens and grain riddle!!) It might have involved 3 trips, and us all getting a little wet but we had a... read more
  • Heather Mattner (Australia)
    Love to weave our way up through the centre of Australia, searching out all things beautiful! Lost opportunity to do this a few times- love to do it soon! read more
  • Frederik Fonteyn (Australia)
    Ozzie Roadtrip Down Under
    G'day!We have spent over 5 months in Australia, travelling with a Apollo Hitop Camper. It was the most amazing trip we have ever made and couldn't have done it without our beloved campervan. We have been travelling for more than 15 000 kilometers trough Australia.We began in Sydney and after spending a small week over there, we picked up the Apollo Hitop Camper and of we were. From Sydney we have travelled to the South towards Melbourne passing by beautiful... read more
  • Natalie Corp (Australia)
    If we're out of our minds, it's alright with us
    That's it. We've done it. Our first batch of flights are booked and there's no turning back. Hurrah! This time next year we'll be the furthest away from home we've ever been - in sweet-as New Zealand. We'll get there via India, South East Asia and of course the sunny land Down Under. Then - all going to plan - a hop, skip and a jump across South America will then lead us back home to reality in Twickenham, London.Both... read more
  • Fran Mahy (Australia)
    My Big Escape
    I would just love to be able to travel  and get away from it all for a while. I have no preference, it can be in New Zealand or Australia, the adventure would be fantastic no matter where it is... read more
  • Antony Caraffa (Australia)
  • Robert Penco (Australia)
    just us
    My wife and I want to travel and to travel around Australia lik this woul be a dream come true read more
  • Hannah Bowry (Australia)
    NSW Coastal Camping
    I love camping on the NSW South Coast. I have camped in many areas of the S/Coast but with the Ultimate camping gear we could arrange a family trip including all of these areas in an extended stay. Tathra, Gillards Beach, Picnic Point, Mumbula Falls. What a dream break for our family. read more
  • Eimear Doyle (Australia)
    Who Knew A Road Trip Could Be So Educational?
    Having just returned from a campervan trip from Perth to Monkey Mia I feel compelled to document some of the stories that my travel companion and I have after our week long exploration of the North West coast of Australia. Such was the range of hectic adventures that us two delightful Irish ladies could very well have died... Just kidding, we’re not really ladies. Seeing as we managed to make the journey with no money, no map, and only a pinch... read more
  • Rose Ellis (Australia)
    The Overlander Highway
    In 2004, I drove across the Overlander Highway from Townsville to Darwin with my boyfriend. We stopped and stayed in the small outback towns along the way, including Cloncurry and Mount Isa. We learned all the local dialect, including a multitude of ways to swear without using a four letter word, as well as learning about the interesting history of this area. read more
  • Robert Penco (Australia)
    my ideal holiday
    My dream holiday packing the basics grabbing the wife heading of to see Australia at our leisure read more
  • Rebecca Carson (Australia)
  • beverley hobbs (Australia)
    the good old days
    Wow man,this is just like a flashback to the 70's.We all piled into the combivan and took of to The Nimbin Folk Festival.with just the backpack and excitement knowing we were on a journey into the unknown...Well the combivan,flowers.peace signs.Jimmy Hendrix and 'che 'guevara' posters.went on a faboulous trip...we kept going.What a life and i would do 'anything' to expierience this again it has been an ongoing dream of mine to hit the road in this beautiful country and see more... read more
  • Georgie Maguire (Australia)
    Get my dad out to see his country!
    My dad has been working in television for 28 years and he sees a lot of australia through editing the news stories and i would love to go on a road trip with him to give him a well deserved holiday so he can touch the red sand for himself and experience the beautiful roads Australia has to offer us! I would love to see Australia, just get in the motorhome and let it take us to wherever we end... read more
  • Nicole Weeks (Australia)
    Honeymoon in Australia - Once in a lifetime!
    Chet and I have decided that what means most to us are precious memories, experiences, and the stories told of our adventures. We have complied a list of dream adventures we would like to accomplish on our honeymoon. The trip of our dreams is an adventure that will take us to Australia to explore, dive, surf, and explore the Australian Coast & Outback in a decked out mini-RV. It is a once in a lifetime experience. The registry allows you... read more
  • Nicole Potter (New Zealand)
    Honey we've left the kids!!
    "We are going to miss you" I said smiling to the children, "It won't be the same without you both" Added my husband, and with that we smile and wave enthusiastically blowing kisses out the window. As we slowly turn the corner, when we are sure they can no longer see us the screams begin!!! " WE ARE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP, NO KIDDIES LEFT TO RUIN IT, NO SNOTTY NOSES, NO WHINGING OR WHINING, JUST OPEN ROADS AND... read more
  • Kate Davidson (Australia)
    In 2011 I eloped to Tasmania with a few friends and family members. It was an excellent change from the 47 degrees I was experiencing in Perth to a beautiful 19 degrees in Hobart. I hired a car and somehow became the designated driver, the car packed either with friends or family members. My husband, who had spent a small amount of time in Tasmania growing up decided he wanted to see the peak of Mount Wellington again and punched the details... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    road trip
    We will head off on our long journey fridge fully stocked plenty of petrol and just go read more
  • Vanessa Wiethaup (Australia)
    Just live your dream...
    A story about two girls leaving their own country to find out a new way of living.. During our australian-journey we're writing a blog to share our story with friends, family and all the people who are may dreaming of the same way of life.. Peace and harmonyVani and Monja read more
  • Monja Gillich (Australia)
    We would like to show you our blog which we are currently writing for our friends and our family while we are travelling through australia. read more