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Ballina Australian Campervan Travel Destination

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The seaside holiday town of Ballina is located in the heart of the the Northern Rivers region of NSW. This region encompasses the State's northern stretch of coastline and offers campervan hire Australia travellers a wealth of diverse holiday experiences. The town has its beginnings with the first wave of settlers and also in the early fishing and timber industry activities in the area. However in modern times has become a popular base camp with holiday makers planning to explore the region.

Ballina and its surrounding townships offer the full range of dry land and water based activities. The coastline contains endless stretches of pristine white sandy beaches, the type which gave birth to the Australian surfing culture. The hinterland with its lush rolling hills is dotted with quaint and quirky townships which are fun to visit on a day trip in one of our campervan rentals. Large tracts of old growth rainforest are preserved and managed as National Parks both for our enjoyment and that of future generations. And further inland the rugged mountain ranges offer even more opportunities for exploring nature.

Early white settlement in the area brought with it a vast and hungry timer industry which devoured the local red cedar forests which once blanketed the area. In a short space of time the Cedar cutters had all but decimated the rainforest known as The Big Scrub. In the 1960s and 70s pioneering environmental activitists set their sights on protecting the rainforests, staging anti-logging protests that garnered world wide attention. Thanks to these hard working idealists the remaining rainforests have been preserved and world wide attention was focused on the need to preserve other significant natural assets.

Thanks to these early hardworking protesters and those who have since followed in their footsteps the areas surrounding Ballina are endowed with some of Australia's best World Heritage listed reserves as well as a range of National Parks and state forests. Visitors are encouraged to use and enjoy these natural wonders with the provision of picturesque camping and picnic locations, as well as the network of bushwalking tracks that range of short strolls through to two day hiking adventures. Campervan hire Australia holiday makers who want to get close to nature will find these campgrounds to be among the best anywhere in the world.

When you have finished communing with Mother Nature and instead seek a sense of community you will be richly rewarded by touring the weekend markets in the surrounding towns in your campervan rental vehicle. These markets are well established and attract a wide range of artists, craftsmen, woodworkers, potters, horticulturalists, fruit and vegie farmers, pizza makers, buskers, street performers, palm readers, astrologers, jewellers and second hand dealers from the surrounding areas. A day at the markets is a full day of entertainment with live music creating an atmosphere that all ages can enjoy.

The region has a wide range of colourful and quirky townships which are dotted along the coastline and throughout the countryside. Each has its own distinct history and character that reveals itself through its architecture, the variety of shops and its people. While some towns have their history firmly rooted with the early English settlers other towns are more ecclectic. The town of Maclean has a proud Scottish heritage which the townspeople continue to celebrate. The town of New Italy has its origins with a boat of shipwrecked Italian travellers who made their home in the region, bringing with them a cultural experience you will not find anywhere else in this region. Still other towns are more ecclectic, embracing artists and alternative ways of life. Discover the area from the comfort of your motorhome rental vehicle.

Along the northern NSW coastline there are four major river systems which empty into the Pacific Ocean. These rivers zig zag across the countryside with a vast network of tributaries. This provides the ultimate fishing experience for keen anglers. There are many ways keen fisherman can get their fix, with deep sea, beach and estuary fishing being the most popular choices. Local businesses cater to holiday makers with a range of hooks and lines, bait and tackle, and small boats and fishing charters are available for hire. If you plan on making your holiday all about the fishing then campervan hire is a wise choice. Not only can you drive to the best fishing spots, you can also clean and cook any fish you catch on the spot in the fully equipped kitchen facilities onboard.

For campervan rental travellers this part of NSW offers the very best touring holiday experience. Simply turn off the Pacific Motorway following the country roads to hidden mountain lookouts and waterfalls, rolling green hills with sprawling plantations and endless stretches of deserted beaches.

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